Residential Wiring

As our electrical device suite grows, a home’s infrastructure must keep up. Part of upgrading and expanding your electrical infrastructure is updating your property's circuitry and wiring. Is your house ready for the increasing demand you are placing on your outlets, breakers, and wires?

If you aren’t sure, you should call Electrical Solutions Plus to inspect your wiring to ensure that your electrical system is safely meeting your needs. Our techs all are highly equipped and skilled to upgrade, repair, or replace the wiring in your home. Call us at (replace this) to inspect the wiring in your home and provide you a list of long-term options for a safe house!

Preventing Overload of your Electrical Circuits

One of the indications of old or bad wiring is frequent overload, which results in constant power outages. An "overload" is a time when more power is transferred around a wire than the circuit is made to handle. Overloads trip the circuit breaker, cutting power to whatever has caused the overload.

In addition, overloading may increase the chances of starting up an electrical fire or other severe problems. Ensuring that your wiring has the ability to accommodate your electrical needs is critical to having a reliable and safe residence. If you want to sell your house one day, having safe wiring is usually required by law before a sale, meaning a trustworthy electrician is crucial to the long-term value and safety of your home.

Other electrical wiring service benefits involve:

  • Solar power or electric vehicle charging upgrades
  • Equipping a garage to run as a workshop
  • Luxury home entertainment systems
  • Ceiling fans that have separate switches for the light and the fan
  • Outdoor electricity or lighting
  • Stylish or decorative lighting (recessed lights, accent lights, mood lights, etc.)
  • Increased outlet capacity that accommodates more devices

If your system is constantly being overloaded, that is an indication that your power requirements are exceeding what your house is equipped for.

On-Time Electrician

Once Electrical Solutions Plus does a complete inspection of the wiring system, we will make suggestions that suit your needs and your budget. Call the office (910) 351-0112 or cell (910) 308-5108 to arrange your residential wiring service with Electrical Solutions Plus today!