Whole House Generators

If you’re faced with problems with a generator, you need a crew of electricians you can trust. At Electrical Solutions Plus, we’re able to put our client’s needs first because we care about their safety and their home. Whether you have to put in a permanent generator or need us to put in electric hookups for your new generator, our crew is prepared to help you. We’re proud to be the top electrical service around the nation that’s a full-service provider, providing repair, installation, servicing, and replacement for all your electrical needs.

Generator Installation

Most states around the country handle lightning strikes, tropical storms, and other problems that cause outages several times a year. There are cases, unfortunately, in which outages may last a number of days. Generator installation is the ideal option for backup power. Owning a generator means that it’s possible to keep the air conditioning operating when the power goes out, and it’s possible to still use important kitchen appliances. Contact our crew today to find out which generator will better match your budget and your needs.



Generator Replacement

A good generator is durable, yet even the best generators cease in being reliable after enough use. If yours is costing more in fuel, has problems starting, or is experiencing inconsistent performance, Electrical Solutions Plus will replace your generator with a unit that is appropriate for your budget, your specific needs, and your household's size.

Because generators are critical to your comfort, you have to have a model that provides cost-effective performance. Every model we provide is the highest-quality generator in the business, and every replacement falls under our 2-year guarantee.

Generator Repair

If you have a generator already installed in your house, but it isn’t working properly, our crew is available to help. The longer you have a generator that is malfunctioning, the more risk there is of not having electricity in the instance of a power outage.

Our techs will inspect the problem with the generator and figure out the solution that is needed. We’ll give you a full explanation of the price and the job before any of the work starts.

Contact our generator professionals by calling the office (910) 351-0112 or cell (910) 308-5108